The Dynamic Duo of Doing VS The Culprits of Procrastination

Revisiting a post I wrote several years ago called GTD Flowchart + Nozbe + RescueTime = Trifecta of Time Efficiency, I decided to update it. 

I'm still a Getting Things Done (GTD) fan. The book "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity" by Dave Allen is a life changer and the system has staying power. It's timeless.

I'm also still using the online productivity service Nozbe. It's as indispensible as Dropbox (IMO).

RescueTime is great too, but the culprits of procrastination are always the same for me: too much time doing email and too much time wasted on reading content unrelated to the task at hand.

To address the first problem, I'm testing a Gmail Addon called ActiveInbox. I'm only on the second day of their Plus Trial, but so far it's been a help and it may help you too. 

As for a remedy for ...

The Ultimate Offsite Cloud-Based Backup Solution...

...for your personal PC would be Dropbox (I've got the 50 gig subscription) and a BackBlaze $5 a month subscription. Dropbox is an easy as pie app for syncing essential files over the Internet. Drag and drop.

My friend who recently discovered Dropbox called it "life changing." If you are one of the few who hasn't tried it yet, I highly recommend you do so.

BackBlaze is just as gravy, and completely hands off. It backs up the directories you choose in the background and on a regular basis. It can even back up your dropbox directory, as it does mine.

Seamless, easy and yeah, life changing.

Testing HitTail and the "Ukrainian Baba" Copywriting Method

I feel like I know Rob Walling, although we've never met. Maybe it's because I bought his book or heard him on TechZing Live several times. He's a savvy business guy and congenial personality, so when I heard of his new project HitTail I was eager to try it out.

Now the way I understand HitTail (I never did watch the video), HitTail analyzes the traffic of your website and determines with their secret sauce algorithm which longtail keywords you should optimize for.

Makes sense. I've been doing search engine optimization back when Altavista was king (Google didn't existed yet) and link building for relevant keywords has only become more crucial for good website positioning on search.

The best way to link build (I tell my clients) is to have useful, interesting content people want to share with their friends. This way, the link building ...

Solving Problems for Fun and Sometimes Even Profit

I released a new project last week which I call Vow of Now , and it is very beta. Vow to Now tries to solve the problem of meditating consistently, every day. 

That's how I get most of my business ideas, by trying to solve a personal problem and then sharing the solution with the world. That's how Rejection Therapy started.

Here are some other projects, new and old, which follow the same pattern:

Two books I wrote in what seems like ages ago: EconomTricks and Zero to Superhero.

Dream in Español is a blog chronicling my studies of Spanish.

All Sprawl Down draw awareness to the rapid destruction of nature due to greedy land developers causing urban sprawl.

A game designed to make breaking bad habits fun: Addiction and Subtraction

Card Games for Entrepreneurs and Webmasters

It seems many people didn't see my announcement regarding SERPs & Spyders, so I thought I'd do it here on the Just Say ON blog.





Earlier this year I released my SEO card game and learning tool SERPs & Spyders. I wanted to make building SEO strategies and getting high Google rankings fun and not the grind that it can be.

But here's the announcement: I then released SERPs & Spyders under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence. Basically, that means you can use the game for free, alter it and even resell it. 

Why would I do this to a game that took me three years and several thousand dollars to design? Because I want the game to be widely adopted and benefit many people, and this may be the best way to do it.

If however, reselling the game doesn't interest you, but you'd ...

On-Site WordPress SEO [ A Primer ]

The following WordPress SEO recommendations are "on site" search engine optimizations, meaning you make the following changes on your own Wordpress blog. You'll need administrator access to install the recommended plugins.

However, I won't be recommending anything like this...

Cartoon by Sean R. Nicholson


Here are some "must have" Wordpress plugins I install on all my WordPress installations. They are all free:

W3 Total Cache -  Improves the loading speed of your site. Very robust features. Add a content delivery network (CDN) and it'll be faster n' greased lightning. This is important for rankings, since Google is now using page loading speed as an SEO ranking signal. It also makes for a better experience for your visitors.

WordPress SEO (by Joost de Valk) - This plugin is close to an "all-in-one" SEO solution. It ...

Encrypted Search vs Analytics Data

Q: Regarding this article in The Telegraph on Google's new encrypted search, do you think Analytics will still show the keywords or will this leave a big hole in the data?

A: From now on, whenever a signed-in Google account user visits your website using Google's search engine, you will see "not provided" in your analytics to hide the keywords they used to find you.  

According to Technorati, only 10% of Google users have accounts, but that number will grow with Google Plus, the +1 button, and as more people opt for the free utilities Google offers.

Will Google's encrypted search leave a chasm in our data? Maybe not now, but I think it will as time goes on.

Rock Google Rankings with this Simple Trick

As an SEO expert in Cambridge Ontario, I know of more than a few ways to get a website to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

This tactic I'm about to describe is so easy, almost anyone can do it, and the results are absolutely dramatic (when it works).

Switch to a new website hosting provider.

That's it. Simply moving your website to a new server will sometimes make Google take notice and give it new respect in the rankings.

Mind you, this nifty trick doesn't work ALL the time.

When you do this, you'll want to leverage geo-location variables such as the IP location of the server and your Country Code Top Level Domain Name, variables Google has been placing more weight on in it's attempts to validate local websites.  

SERPs, Straight Up, Hold The Personalization

For those who want to look at SERPs without Google's new personalization variables factored in, don't hunt for the opt-out switch, just type in &pws=0 after the URL of the search query.

Try it. You may notice a significant difference in the rankings.